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spacer André Lemos
Welcome to my gallery!

My name is André Lemos (as you may already have noticed :-P) and I'm a 34 year old guy from Portugal. Photography is only a hobby of mine, but the most important of them all, as it enables me to show other people things in a different or peculiar way.

I currently work at Critical Software, so I don't have all that much time to shoot away, but I do my best.

I sure hope you enjoy your stay :-)
Equipment: Canon 20D (Canon EF-S 18-55 lense, Sigma 150 mm macro lense, battery grip), Mamiya RB 67 Pro SD (Mamiya 90mm f/3.5 K/L lense), Yashica GTN, Carl Zeiss Ikon ZM (Nokton classic 35mm F1.4, Zeiss Ikon Planar T* 2/50 ZM), tripod Vanguard VT-438, filters, remote shutter controler, etc...